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#34 Practical way to stop feeling like a fraud

In the last episode of The Global Phenomenon Podcast, Zach Spuckler explained how he went from the golden boy of challenges and launches, to closing down his digital products and starting an agency business, and now being back to growing digital courses. In this episode I tell you about the lesson we can learn from Zach’s path, and the things he’s doing very right in his business and you could start doing right now.

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “When you have a non-profit you have 2 target audiences: donors and members. How do you target your social media campaigns when you have 2 different audiences?” — Abby from @abbyjoystudio
  2. “I’ve got my website and Facebook page, and I’ve started to do some small-group coaching. How do I expand beyond my family and friends to broaden my client base? ” — Erin Davalos at healthyvibeswitherindavalos.com

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  • Visit Zach’s website at heartsouldhustle.com
  • Follow Zac on Instagram at @heartsouldhustle
  • Listen to Zach’s podcast at heartsoulhustle.com/podcast
  • Listen to Zach’s episode on CHALLENGES in the Amy Porterfield podcast at amyporterfield.com/144


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