Here’s the full list of equipment and software I use to make the magic happen!


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  • Kajabi: All-in-one CMS tool I use for email marketing, checkout pages, landing pages, and course platform.
  • Metricool: Best tool I have used for cross-posting to different platforms. Includes: TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. This is a paid tool but you can get a free trial.
  • ScreenPal: This is a great tool for recording your screen as you create SOPs. It also allows you to edit the video before rendering the final version (something Zoom and Loom don’t do!)
  • MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum [for PC]: This is my absolute favorite video editing and podcast editing software! Yes, they have come up with newer versions, but the higher version works VERY different, so I refuse to upgrade!
  • Acuity Scheduling: I tested 4 different calendaring tools, and Acuity came out on top EVERY time. It has everything I need, and is SUPER customizable!
  • iPage: Web hosting company that allows you to have UNLIMITED WordPress sites and email forward addresses for the least amount I have ever seen. I have tested other hosts in my life as a web developer, and nothing beats iPage!


  • Podcasting Microphone: This is the pink mic you see on my interviews! (Pink cover not included) I do have to warn you: this is a POWERFUL mic, and your computer’s USB might not be powerful enough which could result in some static. To solve this problem, I use a 2-way splitter so I can connect my USB mic into 2 USB ports.
  • Microphone Pink Cover: Customize your microphone with these fun foam covers! I bought the pack with all the colors and the pink one stuck! That’s the one you see in all my podcast interviews and video trainings.
  • 2-way USB Splitter [for the mic]: Read about this spitter in the mic description above. I use it to connect my microphone to my computer by letting it use 2 USB ports to power the mic. This reduces static!
  • Standing Ring Light: This is a nice and very powerful ring light with multiple tone and brightness adjustments without having to change out a color cover. I use it for my interviews!
  • Desktop Ring Light (small): I use this one for extra brightness sometimes because my ring light sits a few feet from my face, but if you have a good BIG ring light, you might not need it.
  • HD Web Cam: This is a MUST if you are recording podcast interviews on your computer. NEVER use your computer built-in camera for anything!!
  • Telescopic Tripod: I am IN LOVE with this tripod. It does not fold small enough to fit in your purse, but it does fit in a big tote or your luggage. It can record at 5 feet high, which is exactly what I need when recording reels! Love this!!
  • Wireless Lavalier Microphone: this is the tiny microphone I use for my reels and videos. It does not come with the pink cover, I’m putting that in the next line on this list.
  • Pink Lavalier Microphone Cover: tiny pink covers for my lavalier mic to stay fully branded and make recording videos so much more fun!

More Recs

  • Unleash Your Inner Money Babe [Workbook]: This is my absolute FAVORITE mindset book by Kathrin Zenkina. If you have some mindset issues to resolve, start with this 21-day challenge, and DEFINITELY get the PHYSICAL copy of the book and WRITE IN IT. Think ABUNDANTLY. If you ever need to go through it again, just BUY ANOTHER COPY. Trust me, it’s totally worth it!
  • Profit First [Audiobook]: This book is single-handedly responsible for the profitability of my business. Get it NOW! Don’t wait until you’re making money. Start here!!
  • Viral Canva Templates: These Canva templates by Katya Varbanova (TGP Episode 29) will make your content creation a million times easier! If this is an area of struggle for you, start here!

Fun Stuff

  • Socks for Flip Flops: Probably one of my favorite products of ALL TIME. I get to stay warm in my old drafty New England house, AND wear flip flops like I grew up wearing every day of my life in Venezuela… AT THE SAME TIME! 🚨 WARNING: These socks will make you look extra cool, and people WILL have opinions about your coolness and won’t be afraid to express them to you. Proceed at your own risk!! 🧦🩴



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