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#42 Is your mindset your greatest obstacle?

In the last episode of The Global Phenomenon Podcast, Suzy Ashworth showed us how your mindset can greatly impact your success, and when you apply the methodology of quantum healing, you can remove ceilings that have been keeping you down.

Suzy’s business went from being stuck at 400K/year to a million dollars during a pandemic. In this episode we break down the 3 things that Suzy is doing very right in her business, and you should start doing right now!

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “Any good mobile apps for scheduling instagram posts you can recommend?” — Daniel Roberts at danielrobertsmusic.com
  2. “Do you recommend hiring someone to edit your podcasts? If not, what software is used to edit?” — Dayna Pasillas Brooks at drenchfitnesstraining.com

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