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#22 Evergreen sales funnels and the passive income dream

In the last episode of The Global Phenomenon podcast, Rachel Ngom shared with us the evergreen sales funnel strategies she uses to attract her ideal client. But she admitted to us that it is rare for her to be off for a single day, so is the evergreen dream still alive? And is it possible for us mortals?

If it’s possible for Rachel, it’s possible for US!

So in this episode I will share with you the 3 things that Rachel is doing very right in her business and YOU can start doing right now, even if you are just starting out.

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “How do you stop from being scattered if you have a m“What are some tips you have for positioning myself as an expert in the social media marketing space when I myself am new to the industry (but very knowledgeable)?” — Sara Gasrow, branding expert and founder of the Perfect Vision program at saragasrow.com
  2. “I am done with the early beginning stage of building a business. I have a logo, website, free item, nurture sequence emails, EIN, LLC, bank account, mailbox for office address, etc. I do post on social media so that when I do finally get picked up there will be some posts to go back to and it won’t look like I am brand new (I need to post more, admittedly). But how do I get to that next stage? I need to get subscribers and followers and eventually, of course clients. I think I am a little reticent because I don’t have a full on course to offer yet, but I know all of the advice is not to wait until you have a course and to start advertising beforehand and then build it fully once you have actual clients. But I am struggling with trying to sell something and advertise something that doesn’t fully exist yet…. (I do have an extensive outline).” — Dr. Shawna Butler, teaches healthcare leaders to be patient safety experts at nurseattorneyeducator.com

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  • Visit Rachel’s website at rachelngom.com
  • Listen to Rachel’s podcast by searching “She’s Making an Impact”
  • Follow Rachel on Instagram at @shesmakinganimpact


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