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#24 They will come, and you will build it (in that order)

If you’ve ever said “Build it and they will come” about your own products and services, maybe it’s time to re-learn what you know. In the latest episode of The Global Phenomenon, Rachel Miller from Moolah Marketer tells us about her philosophy on growing audiences, and we extracted the 3 things she’s doing very right in her business and YOU should start doing right now!

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “As coaches, we find it easy to help our clients with their issues but if we have the same challenges , it seems that we find difficult to apply our own advise. Why the double standard?” — Sabrina Drou from sabrinadroucoaching.com
  2. “What was the single best thing you did in your business that transformed everything for you – aside from start that is – what was that 1 thing that ‘clicked’ things into place and you could see your path so much clearer?” — Susan Scollen at susanscollen.com

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