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#4 Why does Pat Flynn have 2 websites? Should you have them too? (3 things you can learn from Pat Flynn)

In the latest episode of The Global Phenomenon podcast we talked to Pat Flynn about what it took for him to quit his job and get multiple businesses off the ground.

Now, it’s my turn to teach you 3 lessons we can all learn from Pat’s business model.

One of them relates to his use of web marketing. Why does he have 2 websites?

Should you have two websites?

What’s the best practice when it comes to managing your online presence on the web?

We answer this question and many more in this companion episode.

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “What’s the best advice you have for men and women in their fifties looking to start a business that will transition them from a “job” into a second “career” (one that they can enjoy into retirement). Do you see any opportunities or areas that are currently unfilled for this demographic?” — From Suzanne McIntosh at mtnests.com
  2. “How to bring traffic to a soon to be launched health information bilingual website?” — From Romina Wilmot at consultingrw.com

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