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#82 Monetize your hobby (starting from scratch)

Did you make the right decision when you chose your coaching niche? Or are you still wondering what might have been with a different idea? What would you need to do if you wanted to START OVER with the right idea this time? Stick around for the answer in this episode.

And before we go on, you should know: you’re not alone. I have worked with clients who face this exact conundrum on a regular basis: should they invest time and money into the idea they think will bring them the most money, or should they drop it all, start from scratch and work on their true passion?

And today, our focus will be on: 3 steps to monetizing your hobby, if you had to start from scratch today.

This episode was inspired by our last conversation with Mye de Leon, business coach for creatives who monetized her hobby of artistic lettering almost by accident! You can go back go back and listen to that episode when you’re done with this one!

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