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#44 Does your identity in life relate to your business growth?

Do you feel like your identity is keeping you stuck where you are? How are you supposed to pivot when it feels like you’re leaving part of you behind? Let’s talk about this and more in this companion episode.

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “I’m wondering how to really dig deep into my customer’s pain points? I feel like I could get more specific or find better problems my services would help customers overcome” — Andrew O’Malley, High Performance Coach on Instagram at @andrewomalley.co
  2. “At the beginning of December, I started a Facebook group for my new Niche site. Surprisingly, I got around a hundred and fifty members in one month! One of the group rules is no self promotion. A friend of mine is a member and she shared a link to her website. What should I do? Let it slide once?” — Lindsey Ralston at AllAboutArkansas.com

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