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#122 TikTok tips nobody is talking about

Have you tried posting on TikTok yet? Whether you have or you haven’t, I need to tell you about my experience posting there for the past 45 days, because it has been INSANE.

I knew that before I got on TikTok I needed to get myself some serious help, so I recruited the help of Jaya Rose, who grew her business exponentially since starting her TikTok journey. Jaya was actually a guest on this podcast! Go back and listen to episode 109 for the full scoop.

But what I learned over the past 45 days was so much more than academic. And if I was going to recommend TikTok, it had to come with a few warning labels. Which brings us to this episode, where I aim to share with you 3 things I learned on TikTok that NOBODY ELSE is talking about.

And on this episode our focus will be on: 3 TikTok tips that nobody is talking about.

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