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#30 If it’s not perfect, it’s ready for go-live

If you have been working on your idea for a while and it’s still not perfect, then it’s time to go live. In fact, I would venture to say you have already over-researched your idea and you’re using the study time as an excuse to not put it out there. It’s time.

In this episode I answer listener questions and we study the methods of Katya Varbanova, a viral marketing strategist who is doing 3 things VERY RIGHT in her business. Listen to hear how this expert made it in the online world so you can apply the same lessons today!

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. There is so much pressure on the online presence: social media platforms, blog, video content, etc. How to stay on top of things while doing regular work? — Sylwia Biczyk, professional translator English/Polish at eng-translator.pl
  2. I am building a membership business model – people can join for 3 months, 6 months, a year. How can I be certain to get full monthly payment from these folks for the length of their membership? — Margo Lovett helps people create, publish and promote their podcasts at margolovett.com

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