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#28 Get booked for speaking

Let’s dive into Karen Donaldson’s story from the last episode (episode 27) of The Global Phenomenon. Karen made a whole career of public speaking, even while setting aside several of her passions and areas of expertise. How did she do it, and can you do it too? We answer this and many more questions in this companion episode!

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “How can I can stream to multiple social media platforms simultaneously live, but from my phone? I know Vimeo pro have an option but I’d like to explore some suggestions.” –Katy Angelidi at beautyunfiltered.co.uk
  2. “What’s a good option to host/deliver an audio lead magnet? Ideally, I’d love to have an embed option on a hidden webpage on my site, where I could just send them a link for it.” — Daniel Lona at https://www.fit-copywriting.com/ – Go listen to his podcast at The 7 FIgure Fitness Business

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