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#130 Your first year strategy on the way to 6 figures

Is your business making 6-figures yet? If the answer is no, mark my words: you will cross the 100K mark in 12 months. Is that as exciting as it sounds? It should be! It means your business is working and you’re making money doing what you love! Success, right?? Ok, great, so what should you be doing RIGHT NOW to ensure that future?

I could get into a ton of detailed strategy, but I’ve talked about all that stuff already on past episodes (check out episode 116 where I get really practical about setting up a side hustle that will help you quit your job, also take a quick look at 91 and 92 all about launching your coaching offer!).

So today I’m going to share with you the 3 things your whole strategy needs to be centered around in order to succeed this year.

On this episode our focus will be on: 3 parts of your strategy on the year leading up to your first 6 figures.

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