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#10 Will you win in the visibility game?

In the latest episode of The Global Phenomenon podcast, Jared Kleinert gave us a lesson about taking action and not seeing the downside in taking risks. And his relentless drive landed him in one of the biggest stages for entrepreneurs: TED Talks.

So what is visibility, and what does it do for you? In this episode I’ll share with you 3 things that Jared Kleinert is doing VERY RIGHT in his business, and it’s time that you started matching his energy and drive when it comes to being seen.

Listen through the end for these mind blowing lessons.

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “What is your best networking secret?” — Patti Schmoock, who helps parents of suicide loss live a full life even while they remember the loss of their child at fromgrievingtoliving.com
  2. “I detest launches. They makes me run for the hills. For people that don’t want to do the in-depth launches with a ton of email sequences, ads and challenges or webinars, what are some ways to simplify a launch and make it successful?” — Jen Hemphill, Latina Money Expert, Host of Her Dinero Matters podcast and at jenhemphill.com

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