#265 From Corporate Employee to Financial Author with Jannese Torres

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Are you struggling with debt? Are you not sure how to invest? Jannese Torres is a business coach, financial expert, and author of Financially Lit, a book that helps Latinas find their way to financial freedom.

On her way to amassing generational wealth, Jannese Torres was faced with the decision to get a divorce…. but not before protecting herself and the wealth she had built on her own. In this episode she shares how she asked for a postnup from her husband, and what her life is like now as a millionaire entrepreneur.

In this episode, Jannese shares how she healed from her recent divorce, how she found the courage to get back in the dating pool, and how she published her debut novel without any prior history in publishing! 

Listen now to learn Jannese’s money tips for those struggling with finances, and how ANYONE can become financially free and THRIVE!

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