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#8 How to deal with FOMO in your online business (3 things we can learn from Fran Capo)

In the last episode of The Global Phenomenon podcast, Fran Capo taught us what she does to diversify her business and keep a winning attitude that has led her to break multiple world records.

And now it’s our turn to learn from everything she’s doing extremely right in her business! But first, we answer some questions from the audience. One of them deals with FOMO, so we take a detour to tackle one of the biggest focus killers in the online world.

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “How do I make myself more visible? I have been a guest on 3 podcasts. I am trying to have an email list. Its not easy when you are working and also doing your online business.” — From Jessica Ruiz, founder of Strength Patience Trust Coaching for single women at https://strengthpatiencetrust.com
  2. “What has been your biggest challenge in your new Global Phenomenom business?” — From Colette Fearnley, founder of The Colette Effect at https://www.facebook.com/colette.fearnley 

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  • Mindset meditation on the homepage
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