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#12 7 figures without launching?

In our last episode, Elaine Lou Cartas, business and career coach, showed us that it’s possible to be wildly successful without having to launch every few months.

Maybe this is exactly what you needed to hear after your last launch was a complete disaster: that perhaps you don’t need to do them at all!

But what does it really take to create a business where ads and funnels can truly be a thing of the past?

In this companion episode I will teach you 3 things that our guest Elaine Lou is doing VERY RIGHT in her business, and that YOU can start doing in yours right now, even if you are starting out!

In this episode we also answer the following listener questions:

  1. “How do you stop from being scattered if you have a million ideas? How do you hone in on or choose just one thing? And should you? Or is it ok to do many things?” — From Kylie Wolfig, Founder of Thyroid School, At kyliewolfig.com
  2. “When bringing team members on board, can you share with us 1 person that came on and was amazing – what was it that made the process work, and 1 person where the process wasn’t amazing – what did you have to shift within yourself or learn to grow for the next time you brought someone on?” — From Susan Scollen, health coach who helps mums live the life of their dreams at susanscollen.com 

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