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#84 3 Steps to Survive the Lows and Persevere

Is your business going to be here in 12 months? Heck, do you know if it will have any kind of solid shape in 3 months? I think we can agree that being here in a year is a critical part to success in business, makes sense right? Well, sometimes longevity in this crazy online coaching world of ours has nothing to do with choosing the right niche… but in having the right mindset to keep going even when things go wrong.

That’s what I want to talk about today: how can you make sure that your business, your message, your passion is going to stand the test of time? 

Today, our focus will be on: 3 steps to rewire your brain for longevity and perseverance, so that your business survives the lows and celebrates right through the highs. How can you essentially become: unstoppable?

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