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Hi coach!

I recorded this voice note to explain the changes that are coming to my program GET CLIENTS FIRST, and WHY these changes are coming.

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On September 1st I will permanently close down my GET CLIENTS FIRST offer as it exists right now, and a new era of the membership will be born 🚀✨💖


GET CLIENTS FIRST is my flagship program. This is THE PLACE where I teach my clients how to get clients with a small audience. Our first priority is CLIENT ACQUISITION.

The program currently includes a coaching component (weekly group calls) as well as a self-paced course component, and it’s only available as a membership (monthly or annual).

I have been running GET CLIENTS FIRST for 18 months (wow), and now it’s time to recalibrate the original offer into a more sustainable experience, so… changes are coming!

Why am I doing this?

When I first created GET CLIENTS FIRST, I had a vision that any coach would be able to learn the foundations of getting clients with a small audience WITHOUT having to drop $5K or $10K to work with a coach in their first month.

And after many MANY testimonials, we did it! We created a container where you can learn what you need, get the support you need, for as long as you need it, without being tied to long and expensive payment plans.

My mission will remain the same: to provide you with a TON of value, for the low price of a membership.

As far as beta programs go, GET CLIENTS FIRST has met and exceeded all expectations and our founding members have received the value of a PREMIUM COACHING PROGRAM for the super low price of a membership.

And as we scale and prepare to serve even MORE members, we will not be able to sustain providing such individual support to all members equally.

What will change?

After September 1st…

✨ Our weekly group coaching calls will be available only to VIP Annual Members who have signed up for a coaching-program experience. Our monthly members will continue to have access to our weekly Live Q&As to get their questions answered!

✨ In order to keep our monthly members LASER FOCUSED on getting clients first, they will only have access to STAGE 1 of the GET CLIENTS FIRST curriculum, which focuses on the process to promote and sell your offer to your small audience. VIP Annual members will have access to the full Stage 1,2,3 curriculum, which includes creating a repeatable sales process (stage 2) and audience growth strategies (stage 3).

✨ We will no longer offer a 1×1 60min strategy call for monthly members who sign up through a pre-sale. VIP Annual Members will continue to be entitled to a 60min strategy review call every 6 months.

✨ Only VIP Annual Members will receive a member’s welcome packet in the mail, with my favorite goodies to get started!

✨ The investment for the VIP Annual member will increase ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Can you sign up with the old benefits before Sept 1st?

YES! (Sign up here)

That’s actually the whole point of this email, to let you know that you have RIGHT NOW the opportunity to join us inside GET CLIENTS FIRST with all the founding member benefits:

🚀 Full access to the GET CLIENTS FIRST curriculum (Stages 1-3) while you are a member in good standing
🚀 Access to our weekly group coaching calls (in addition to the Live Q&As) as a monthly member
🚀 Join the VIP Annual membership for the founders price (this is the LOWEST it will EVER be!)
🚀 Receive your founding member’s gift package in the mail (this is the last time monthly members will receive one!)
🎁 BONUS: Get a one-time 60min 1×1 strategy call with me to set your strategy in motion and get the most out of the program! (this is the last time I’ll ever offer a 1×1 call for monthly members)

How can you sign up?

Simply go to the GET CLIENTS FIRST info page, select your plan, and sign up! Access will be IMMEDIATE! I will send all physical welcome packets on September 1st, and your bonus 1×1 call will take place in September as well.

How do I feel about this change?

When you have worked on something you believe in for so long, it’s EXCITING to watch it grow and reach new levels. I’m happy to have that to look forward to!

Also… if I’m to be completely honest, I’m SCARED! I’ve had a small audience for so long that growing in numbers is uncharted territory for me. But I’m ready for it, and I’m EXCITED to meet you and help you with your business as the FINAL COHORT of the founding members offer.

If you have any questions, DM me on Instagram @yourengagementcoach. I’ll send out a couple more emails in the coming couple of weeks as a reminder.

xoxo, ina 💗✨



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