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#180 Audit your own Instagram Account

Will people take you seriously and pay you the right price for your services if you don’t have a large audience?

That’s the question that has led so many coaches go down the wrong path on social media. This is a path of frustration, burn out and despair. Because it focuses on a metric that “in theory” should make you money: having a large audience. When the reality is that money doesn’t grow on the audience growth tree. Money comes from getting clients.

But how are you supposed to get clients if you have a small audience and that means you don’t have any credibility? Well, what if we built authority even WITH a small audience? In this episode, I will give you 3 practical tips to elevate your authority on your Instagram account, even with a small audience.

And on this episode our focus will be on: 3 parts of your Instagram account that need a makeover NOW.

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