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#168 The Meaning of Life for Online Coaches

What if you built a million dollar coaching business, and then… lost it all? Would you feel like a failure? Would you feel disappointed?

It almost seems like that’s the ultimate loss: building something for your whole life and then watching it go up in smoke. But isn’t that going to happen anyway? I mean, after all, we won’t live forever, and neither will our business.

This existential question bothered me. It drove me to depression and to wonder what is the meaning of it all.

Until I attended a spiritual retreat that changed my life. In this episode, I’d like to share that divine download with you, and give your business and your life’s purpose a new breath as we walk into another year around the sun.

And on this episode, our focus will be on the meaning of life, the life lesson that will help you thrive in the new year.

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