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#160 Black Friday offers: great deals or just distractions?

Have you ever seen an offer SO LOW in price that you could not pass it up? Welcome to the Black Friday effect. At first you may think you got a great deal, but the truth is that most people don’t even open up a Black Friday mini-course, bundle or offer at all. Just the act of buying it seems to be enough to make us feel like we took action.

So, are Black Friday offers a good deal or just a distraction?

I’m in the business of developing amazing coaches who are empowered to make smart decisions with their investments. And I don’t think that spending even a penny for something you’ll never use is a good investment.

So in this episode I will give you the gift of X-RAY vision so you can look right through other people’s Black Friday offers, and you can learn what it takes to create a great offer yourself and also not let yourself be taken for a ride whenever this commercial holiday comes along.

And on this episode, our focus will be on: 3 traits of an irresistible Black Friday offer, and 3 things you can do to not get carried away by them.

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