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#154 Prepare for Social Media Glitches and Random Disasters

What would you do if you woke up today and your Instagram account was gone.

Poof. Disappeared. There’s no helpdesk to contact. Logging in does nothing. It’s gone.

Would you feel anxious? Devastated? Would you cry? Would you freak out? Would it completely stop your day right on its tracks while you deal with this “crisis”?

Or would you be cool as a cucumber?

This happened to me just today. Fortunately, spoiler alert, I did get my account back after about 6 hours, but for a while there, I thought it was gone forever.

And I didn’t freak out. In fact, I started to get excited. And today I hope to transfer some of that energy to you, so that no social media platform EVER gets the best of you.

On this episode our focus will be on: 3 practical ways to PREPARE for random social media glitches and natural disasters.

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