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#151 3 hacks to elevate your social authority (even with a small audience)

Ever heard a marketing expert say: the aesthetic of your feed doesn’t matter? To just go and create content, and don’t worry about having a beautiful feed?

I believe there is a very specific reason why they are giving you this type of advice, and I also have a very good reason why you specifically should not follow it.

In this episode I’m going to tell you why I believe a great feed has a direct link between your content and potential clients, and how I built my 6 figure coaching business on building Social Authority EVEN when I had a small audience? Stick around, I’ll share a new way of thinking about your social media that will be much more useful to you than everything you’ve ever heard before.

In this episode our focus will be on: 3 quick hacks to level up your social authority game online.

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