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#150 The Quarter Million Dollar Episode

Today we celebrate our 150th episode and Quarter Million Dollar revenue milestone! And I wanted to share with you all the lessons that got me here and that will carry me through to the next milestone!

Back in episode 51 of this podcast I shared with you my entire story of how I got screwed over at work for the last time, quit my job and started coaching. I even shared with you the entire journey of my offers leading up to my GET CLIENTS FIRST membership. So if you’d like to hear that story, you can tune back to episode 51 when you’re done with this one.

And on this our 150th episode I wanted to share with you the lessons that I learned on the way here in hopes that they will take you to your next milestone whatever that may be! I also share with you a few lessons that I learned the HARD way for listening to some ill advice, and I never want you to hit that wall the way that I did.

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