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#132 My program is getting a MAKEOVER! Details inside!

GET CLIENTS FIRST is the membership program where I poured all my knowledge in getting clients with a small audience and share it with my members while they go off and get clients of their own.

And as I’m getting ready to scale the program way up, it’s time to close the Founders Benefits and move on to bigger, better and more efficient way to deliver the program to as many coaches as possible!

But not without one last hurrah. When you join by September 1st, you get grandfathered into the Founders Benefits as a member of the LAST founders cohort. You can join us by going to joingetclientsfirst.com.

And on this episode I answer ALL your burning questions about the program. So take a moment to think about why you haven’t joined us yet, and listen to see if I answered your burning question so you can make your decision!

And today, our focus will be on all your burning questions about my program GET CLIENTS FIRST and the changes coming to it on September 1st.

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