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#98 Hard-to-hear truths that will help you grow faster

Do you ever feel like you’re REALLY BUSY, but things are not moving as fast as you think they should be? We work SO HARD on our businesses, but most of us don’t see a PENNY for MONTHS or even YEARS. If someone had hired us to do the same work, we’d be at least making a living, so what gives? Here’s a new thought: is it possible we are focusing on the WRONG thing? Because if we were doing the right things, we should have seen some results by now, right?

I had that question every day of my business in my first year: am I doing the right things?

But it wasn’t until now that I realized what was happening: I had bought into the belief that I can DO IT ALL. If others can, then so can I!!! So anytime anyone would challenge what I was doing, I’d get defensive. I’d put a big X on their face in my mind. HOW DARE THEY tell me what I can or cannot do??

See what’s happening here? That strong belief in yourself is ESSENTIAL to success, but it can also BLIND YOU from alternatives, and it might make you dig your heels on… well… the wrong things, preventing you from growing.

So this is the episode where we explore that part of self-motivation: how to give ourselves the pep talk we need, while keeping an open mind about the things we should be doing.

In this episode we will focus on the 3 truths you should inject into your business to see it grow, EVEN while you keep your belief that you CAN do it all.

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