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#87 5 Mistakes that are keeping you small

When was the last time you told your audience, flat out, what your offer is? If the answer is “I don’t remember” or even “last week”, you need to listen to this episode, because that could be only ONE of the reasons why you haven’t been getting clients consistently.

I made 6 figures before hitting 1K followers on any of my platforms and I want you to do the same, which means, you have to learn from MY mistakes in my first year and move quickly into where I am now: routinely getting clients whenever I want because I have learned the hard way not to do the 3 things I’m going to tell you about today.

Hi, I’m your host Ina Coveney, every Monday I bring you an interview with a successful online coach where we uncover their true startup story, and we wrap it up with a companion episode on Thursdays (this one right here) where I teach you 3 things that our guest is doing very right in their business, and you should start doing right now.

At this moment we are in the OFF-SEASON! This means that I’m hard at work recording all those interviews from the top coaches you want to hear from! So until the next season kicks off, it will be just you and me every Thursday to keep your business moving!

And today, our focus will be on 3 things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to speed up the monetization process of your small audience! And because I couldn’t help myself, I tacked on 2 bonus mistakes at the end that will make the biggest difference for you this year.

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